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Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Community Evangelist

Andrew is a Community Evangelist working to help out and encourage developers who want to work with Azavea's Cicero, OpenTreeMap, and GeoTrellis products.

Andrew first came to the Philadelphia area when he decided to attend the liberal-arts Haverford College as an undergrad, thinking he would major in politics and go on to law school. While at Haverford, Andrew's tech-savvy brought him to FIG, the student-run computing group. His love of writing and chatting with interesting people also drew him to the student newspaperThe Bi-College News, first as a news reporter, and then as News Editor and Webmaster. However, neither politics nor journalism ended up captivating him as much as the Departments of Growth and Structure of Cities (where he majored) and Computer Science (his minor). 

Andrew's interests in both the urban and technology fields led him to a year-long Marketing Internship at Azavea the summer before his senior year. When he graduated in May 2012 he was proud to continue on as Azavea's first Community Evangelist. While he's still getting his feet wet in the position, Andrew's more than excited to be learning the ins and outs of the Cicero API, OpenTreeMap, GeoTrellis, and GIS work so he can lend a helping hand and encourage every developer out there looking to tackle a tough urban or geospatial problem. Everyone's a bit of a newbie, including Andrew, so he tries to keep a scrutinizing eye out for ambiguities and improvements in Azavea's product documentation.

Born outside of Pittsburgh and raised in central Massachusetts, Andrew gets excited by whatever amount of time he can spend in new, big cities. He loves to ogle anything that has wheels, wings, rails, or a hull, is trying hard to hold onto the near-fluency in Spanish he gained by studying in Barcelona in 2011, and wishes he had more time to play with ham radio. Andrew firmly believes there is no such thing as "too much" pizza. He also hopes to turn his ten-year-old sister into as much of a geek as he is. Word’s still out on whether he’s successful with that yet.