About Us

Geographic data, geospatial analysis and the web are at the core of everything we do.


We provide our clients access to advanced geospatial technologies through highly-crafted and easy-to-use web software, and personalized geospatial analysis services. Our goal is to combine our experience solving geospatial problems, strong customer service, and the profound motivation to “do well by doing good” in order to help our clients create more dynamic, vibrant communities.

We are committed to enabling our clients to answer complex questions in a wide variety of domains: natural resource planning, neighborhood revitalization, sustainable growth and economic development, crime analysis, real estate property analysis, redistricting, political advocacy, and cultural resources management to name a few.

Custom Software and Analysis

We create web and mobile applications ranging from the simple to the complex. For instance, we can help you analyze your data geographically as well as create tools for you to publish your data for the public to visualize and manipulate. For more complex projects, we have extensive experience building applications that perform raster and vector calculations optimized to run across distributed servers or on GPUs, that conduct spatial statistical analysis and visualization, and automate models of man-made and natural systems.  Learn more about our services


Our custom software projects also serve as an “idea lab” for new products and services. We have distilled the best of our work into a few web products that harness the power of geography. They provide efficient and cost-effective building blocks to create solutions in a wide array of industries: