Find the perfect place to plant a tree.

How do you decide where to plant a tree?

With Azavea's Urban Forestry Modeling and Prioritization Toolkit, organizations and individuals can easily create customized heat maps showing the ideal places to plant trees.

Since many groups operate with limited resources, identifying prioritized tree planting locations is crucial to ensuring that trees provide the greatest possible benefits for the community. The Urban Forestry Modeling and Prioritization Toolkit gives individuals the tools to create maps according to their organizational priorities and discover the long-term impacts of trees planted in a certain area.


Main Features

  • Generate heat maps of ideal planting locations
  • Adjust factors such as air quality, stormwater management, health data, and more to create customized heat maps based on selected criteria
  • View prioritized locations overlayed with additional info such as areas managed by tree tending organizations, vacant land data, and imagery of the current tree canopy
  • Experiment with digitally planting trees of various species and sizes in order to model the possible growth and mortality rates of the trees 
  • Calculate the ecosystem impacts of trees over a 30 year period

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The development of the Urban Forestry Modeling and Prioritization Toolkit was funded by a Small Business Innovation Research grant (2011-33610-30511) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 


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Easily identify key planting locations and calculate tree benefits over a 30 year period.